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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send/receive to/from any text capable device, regardless of carrier?

You can send and receive text messages to/from any text capable device including: cellular phones, tablets, digital signs, and pagers on any U.S. carrier.

Can I send to International Numbers?

Sorry, TxtPage only supports North American phone numbers (U.S. & Canada).

Can I send/receive images?

Yes. You can send an image with your message and receive images from your contacts. There is an additional charge for this feature. Contact our sales team for details.

Can I save my contacts like I do on my cellular phone? How many can I have?

Yes. You can save an unlimited number of contacts. All available from one web page.

Can I create contact groups?

Yes. You can create groups in your contact list and assign any number of contacts to that group.

Can I store messages or phrases to easily insert into my message?

You can save an unlimited number of pre-defined (canned) messages/phrases/sentences. One click will insert them into your outgoing message.

Can I divide my canned messages and contacts into separate groups?

Yes. You can create named 'Tabs' to create groupings and then assign canned messages and contacts to one or more tabs.

What if I don't like the order of my 'Tabs' and/or Canned Message Buttons?

You can sort both Tabs and Canned Message with an easy-to-use drag/drop.

If I send a text to a number that is no longer in service will it go on the Blacklist?

No. We do not have the ability to detect a number that is out of service when sending. We do offer an off-line service to validate a list of phone numbers. This detects out-of-service numbers as well as identifying non-mobile numbers. There is an additional charge. Contact our sales team for details.

Is there a way to set up a message when the TxtPage user is going to be unavailable, out on vacation, etc.

Yes. You can create an out-of-office message that will be automatically be sent as a reply to any incoming message. There may be an additional charge for this feature, depending on your account status.

How does your licensing work?

TxtPage is designed and licensed for a single authorized and credentialed user to send and receive text messages. TxtPage can be used by up to 3 users with the same login credentials. This use exception is only available on a case-by-case basis and must be approved in writing. There is no product segregation of incoming messages available for more than 1 authorized user. The recommended use is for a single authorized user.

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